A.A Waters & Brookes
  • 20 Hanlan Road Unit #26, Vaughan, Ontario L4L 3P6

The A.A. Waters & Brookes Difference

How Do You, The Homeowner, Know if the System was Properly Designed, Installed and Managed?

Unlike electricians or plumbers, the irrigation industry is non-regulated. A permit is not required to install a sprinkler system and there are no building code guidelines. Licenses are not required for irrigation technicians.
Our Difference
Our Difference
This leaves the homeowner vulnerable “to get what he/she is given”; poor quality material, workmanship, and business practices.
We are involved in a business, building a company with a solid reputation. We are here to properly design, construct, maintain and manage your sprinkler system.

Why Choose Us For Installation

  • In an unregulated industry, we are certified as a contractor and certified as a designer.
  • Fully explained & detailed proposal.
  • Factory trained technicians.
  • Superior/quality customer service.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • We have the skills, experience and expertise.
  • Quality materials throughout.
  • Full-time office staff to handle all queries immediately.
  • This company is owner-operated to ensure quality throughout.
  • We are customer driven.
  • In business since 1987.
  • Over 5,000 installations done.
  • We offer the newest technology for water efficiency.
  • An EPA water sense partner.
  • We will correct any deficiencies.
  • When the work is completed, a third party checks that the work has been done correctly.
  • We are there to properly design, install, maintain and manage the system, not just connect pipes.
  • Rated 9.8 out of 10 by Homestars.
What We DoWhat They Do
Professional controllers which are reliable and user-friendlyDifficult to program controllers purchase at hardware stores
Certified pipe-CSA or NSFUtility pipe
Direct burial wireIndoor thermostat wire
All products have a proven track record of performance and are best suited to your applicationCheapest heads available for DYI
Water tight electrical connectorsTwist wires together without connectors
Backflow preventers includedBackflow preventers excluded
12" pop-up headsRiser pipes sticking up
Use matched precipitation rate nozzlesAny nozzle to water
Installations performed in a workmanlike mannerAnything that works
Quality control checksNo quality control checks
Use vibratory plow for adequate depth & cleanliness of jobUse shovel & open trench
Locates of utilities are doneNo locates
Drawing provided of system layoutNo drawing
System layout based on the principle of head to head coverage for uniformity and water conservation100% coverage with poor uniformity & wastage of water
Full time office staff with 24 hour emergency serviceAnswering machines
Technicians have individual customer technical informationNo records of installation
Fair price to consumer and usLow price reflecting poor quality & labour
WSIB and liability insuranceNo insurance