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Rain Bird Select Contractor

Considered Among the Best in the Business by the World’s Leading Manufacturer

Rain Bird Select Contractor The decision to install an automatic lawn sprinkler system represents a major investment by a homeowner, but one that is certainly worthwhile, especially if you are investing in quality products such as Rain Bird sprinkler heads and systems. The intention of such an investment is to realize and enjoy significant returns over time with respect to:

  • Lower water consumption costs
  • Lush and healthy lawns and gardens
  • Increased curb appeal/property values
  • Precise watering without the manual effort
  • Convenience, time-saving benefits, and ease of use

To achieve such returns, homeowners would undoubtedly want a lawn sprinkler system that combines the highest quality parts/components with expert design and installation services. This ideal synergy is available to homeowners within Toronto and Southern Ontario through a system of Rain Bird sprinkler heads designed and installed by A.A. Waters & Brookes.

Rain Bird has been the world’s leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment for more than 90 years, and throughout that time, they have entrusted the installation of their parts and products to hand-chosen professional irrigation contractors. A.A. Waters & Brookes is a proud member of this very select group. We have always admired Rain Bird sprinkler heads and systems, so we could not think of a better company to represent.

If you’re interested in investing in a sprinkler system that will stand the test of time and bring you all the benefits you could hope for and more, consider Rain Bird, as you won’t be disappointed. Furthermore, our expert team will ensure the installation process happens smoothly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

For more information on the qualities that differentiate Rain Bird Select Contractors such as A.A. Waters & Brookes from other lawn sprinkler system installers, please watch the following video:

So what does it take to become a Select Contractor for Rain Bird sprinkler heads and related products? The network of Rain Bird Select Contractors includes independent irrigation contractors whom this manufacturer has reviewed their design and installation practices and considers them to be the best in the industry. To be a designated Rain Bird Select Contractor, installers of automatic lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems must meet several stipulations and requirements established by this manufacturer, including but not limited to:

  • Respect for the customer - including punctuality
  • Maintenance of a professional irrigation certification
  • Participation in annual continuing education programs
  • Adherence to local and/or municipal by-laws/regulations
  • Professional conduct on the job/in all customer interactions
  • Quality workmanship and use of the highest quality materials
  • Valid workplace insurance as well as general liability insurance
  • Continuing education for all employees annually

Here at A.A. Waters & Brookes, we have met all of the above requirements and more, making us more than qualified to hold the position of Rain Bird Select Contractor. We are confident in recommending Rain Bird sprinkler heads and systems to our valued clients, as we have first-hand experience with the brand and the amazing benefits on offer.

Expert Sprinkler System Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Management for Over 35 Years

For over 35 years, certified technicians from A.A. Waters & Brookes have provided expert lawn sprinkler system design, installation, and maintenance services for homeowners in Toronto and Southern Ontario. Every A.A. Waters & Brookes installation is completed under the onsite supervision and direction of a professional engineer with 40+ years of experience in the industry.

We have executed lawn sprinkler installations for large and small properties, creating lawn care convenience for homeowners all over Toronto and beyond. Our process is simple, and once you are happy with our quote, our sprinkler experts go ahead and get started. We cause as little disruption as possible and get the installation done efficiently.

Rain Bird Select Contractor
Rain Bird Select Contractor

Homeowners can expect the following when they choose A.A. Waters & Brookes to design and install their automatic lawn sprinkler system:

  • Precise watering that will reduce water usage costs
  • Increased turf vigour/strength via deeper root growth
  • Lush and healthy lawns/gardens due to uniform coverage
  • Convenience – no need to physically move the hose/sprinkler
  • The most comprehensive guarantees and warranty protection

Protect your investment in an automatic lawn sprinkler system by choosing a professional contractor recommended by the world leader in irrigation equipment manufacturing. Call the design and installation specialists at A.A. Waters & Brookes today at 416-665-0052 to request your no-obligation consultation. We’d love to chat about your lawn sprinkler system needs.

A Vast Knowledge of Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads

As a Rain Bird Select Contractor, our team is very knowledgeable when it comes to the different types of Rain Bird sprinkler heads, controllers, and other products. We are more than happy to offer you our expert advice to ensure that the sprinkler heads and controllers that are used in your system are the ideal models.

There are multiple types of Rain Bird sprinkler heads available, all created with slightly different purposes in mind. Controllers are reliable and user-friendly, and can be programmed to use the least amount of water for the most favourable impact, no matter the size of your lawn. They can be programmed as a weather-based system, which takes into account the weather of the last 30 days.

When we come up with our custom sprinkler system designs, we take the following factors into consideration:

  • Uniformity of coverage.
  • Matched precipitation rates of sprinkler heads.
  • Type of soil.
  • Head-to-head coverage.
  • Performance at optimum pressure.
  • Landscape requirements such as sun vs. shade, and slopes.

We go above and beyond for our valued customers, and our comprehensive knowledge and years of experience allow us to design and create systems that really work.

The good news is that there are dozens of different Rain Bird sprinkler heads and controllers available, so there is something to suit every sprinkler system application. We know that the choice can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s why we are here to help you make the ideal decision.

We Follow All Relevant Industry Guidelines

All systems are designed and installed according to “Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices” established by Landscape Ontario and the Irrigation Association. A.A. Waters & Brookes is a long-time member of Landscape Ontario and is a certified contractor by the Irrigation Association for design and construction.

When you choose to work with A.A. Waters & Brookes, you are choosing to work with a respected company that follows the Best Practices that have been put out by the Irrigation Association and Landscape Ontario. We are proud to be Certified Irrigation Contractors (CIC) and Certified Irrigation Designers (CID) Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors by the Irrigation Association.

Covering Southern Ontario

Here at A.A. Waters & Brookes, we offer our Rain Bird sprinkler system design services to clients located all over southern Ontario, not just the Greater Toronto Area, and we are more than happy to travel to meet our clients’ needs.

We have full confidence that our products and materials are truly the best of the best, as we value our clients and the longevity of their sprinkler systems.

When we install the sprinkler pipes, we do so with minimal disturbance to your lawn, and we carry out our work with precision and attention to detail, making use of the latest in smart technology!

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