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What is the best sprinkler system/head?

The best performing sprinkler system is the result of four factors


The major goal of your sprinkler system design must be uniformity of coverage. That means all areas of your lawn and garden are watered equally to avoid over-watering or under-watering and to give you the most growth from the least amount of water.
Best Sprinkler System
Best Sprinkler System
The design criteria for ideal, uniform coverage includes:
  • The right head selection
  • Pipe size
  • Nozzle-size & head spacing
  • Zoning
  • Water pressure


The system must be installed as it was designed, using the proper installation techniques.


Just like vehicles, which require regular oil changes and a maintenance schedule, your sprinkler system must be maintained for proper operation and reliability.

Regular maintenance of your sprinkler system should include:

  • Spring start-ups
  • Repairs to broken parts
  • Head adjustments
  • Adjusting the system as plants grow or following landscape changes
  • Winterization
  • Adjusting watering times throughout the season


Your system must be operated/programmed for the correct running times (amount of water) to avoid over- or under-watering. This includes daily applications/watering (on the days the system operates) and monthly/seasonal adjustments.
All of the above must be done properly for your system to provide uniform coverage and for you to have the best sprinkler system – and the best lawn & garden!