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System Installation

Professional Installation by a Certified Irrigation Designer

Minimal Disruption to Your Yard

To capitalize on the range of benefits provided by an automatic water sprinkler system, its installation should be done by certified professionals. The Certified Irrigation Designers from A. A. Waters & Brookes have the necessary expertise to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers throughout each phase of the process including:





First and foremost, our designer will ensure that the water pressure and water flow for your property will suitably support a lawn sprinkler system. This is followed by the development of a specific plan that is unique to your property and its precise needs.

Subsequently, each step of the installation process is completed with the appropriate care and precision needed to deliver optimal performance.

These steps include:

  • Installing the pipes - more than 8” deep and with minimal disruption to the lawn
  • Connecting pipes to the manifold - to direct the flow of water to specific areas
  • Attaching the sprinkler heads - perpendicular and flush to surface of the ground
  • Mounting the controllers/timers in appropriate locations on the exterior wall/walls
  • Reviewing and testing the sprinkler system in the presence of the property owner
  • Making any necessary adjustments to ensure proper coverage/owner satisfaction

Why A.A. Waters & Brookes?

Since 1987, the certified technicians from A.A. Waters & Brookes have been providing expert and reliable installation services for homeowners in Toronto and across the GTA. And each installation is supervised and directed by a professional engineer with more than 40 years of experience in this field.

Call a Certified Irrigation Designer at A. A. Waters & Brookes today at 416-665-0052 to book a complimentary consultation.