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New Technology

Technological Advances to Reduce Water Waste, Prolong System Life, Save Money

There can be little doubt that technological advancements are having a profound impact on our everyday lives. At virtually every turn, there are countless examples of innovative high-tech devices and software applications, including smartphones, medical equipment, vehicle operating systems, and programmable thermostats to name a few, that have influenced our personal convenience, safety and security, health and comfort, energy conservation efforts, and much more.

New Technology
New Technology

In keeping with this type of evolution, there have been numerous recent advancements with sprinkler systems; whereas the first generation of systems typically operated on a time-of-day basis/schedule, today’s installations can incorporate such technological innovations as:

  • Wi-Fi Controllers
  • Smart Monitoring
  • Wireless Rain Sensors
  • Leak Detection

This new technology is converting the set-up and operation of sprinkler systems from a rigid time-based format to a more flexible weather-based approach; that is, these newer systems have the capability to measure and monitor the following elements as a means of improving overall watering efficiency and thus help homeowners maintain healthier lawns and gardens and save money:

  • Rainfall
  • Sunlight
  • Soil types
  • Root depth
  • Plant needs
  • Flow rate
  • Electrical malfunctions
New Technology

The following is a brief synopsis of these latest innovations, which in turn can be integrated in the sprinkler system installations completed by the certified technicians from A.A. Waters & Brookes:

Wi-Fi Controllers

  • Access, control, and monitoring of sprinkler systems – from anywhere in the world
  • Internet-based weather data can be used to automatically adjust watering schedules
  • Adjust watering daily for maximum plant use and minimal wastage

Smart Monitoring

  • Automatically determines water needs for individual zones within a landscaped area
  • Collects onsite rainfall data; uses that information to recalculate run times per zone
  • Adjusts watering schedule on a daily basis to satisfy each zone’s water requirements

Wireless Rain Sensors

  • Interrupt watering schedule in periods of rain or low temperatures
  • Can be programmed to suspend watering when rainfall exceeds predetermined levels
  • Antennas offer superior signal reliability thus negating most line-of-sight obstructions

Water Flow Optimization

  • Ability to maintain the spray nozzle outlet pressure at a consistent level/rate (30 psi)
  • Promotes a more consistent spray pattern, regardless of elevation or water pressure
  • Ideal for properties with high or fluctuating water pressures and steep/sloped terrain

The introduction of these types of technological innovations has helped reduce water waste, prolonged the lifecycles of sprinkler system installations, and provided property owners with savings of up to 20-30% on their water bills.

To obtain more information on the applications and benefits of such new technology, call the sprinkler and irrigation system specialists at A.A. Waters & Brookes at 416-665-0052 today to book a complimentary consultation with one of our certified technicians.