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How to Choose Your Lawn Sprinkler Installation and Irrigation Management Service Provider?

Your irrigation management service provider is the key that will unlock your water savings. Take the time to set up a consultation with an established company so that you can make an informed choice. Here are some guidelines to put you on the right track.
Choosing The Right Provider
Choosing The Right Provider

What to look for in an irrigation management service provider?

  • Referrals: There are many companies offering irrigation management services which can make it difficult to make an informed choice.  Referrals can help you shortlist your choices quickly as you will have some way to measure quality, effectiveness, and track record.
  • Credentials: This is one of the best ways to determine knowledge and skill. In an unregulated industry, certifications and licenses not only demonstrate that the company has experience and training, but more importantly that their team is committed to quality and customer service.
  • Latest technology: Today’s sprinklers and irrigation systems have come a long way from the clock/timer which turned the system on automatically for the same amount of time (at the same time) or rain sensors that were only a rough gauge for measuring rainfall and with a time delay. Water-efficient equipment operates at optimum pressure reducing usage, eliminating run-offs and adjusting the running time based on the time of year. Some systems even have a quick shut-off to prevent the system from coming on with the least amount of rainfall. Make sure your irrigation system has the latest controls for optimal efficiency.
  • Meeting your water conservation goals: Reducing water wastage through the implementation of water efficient sprinklers and smart controllers is crucial to conservation and lowering water bills. Ideally a good irrigation management service provider will conduct a water audit to determine the difference between the necessary requirements and actual usage. Based on the results of the audit, the provider will be able to suggest the right improvements as well as draw up a proper conservation plan.
  • Personalized solutions: Every lawn or garden has unique requirements. Beware of the one-size-fits-all approach. A good irrigation system must take into consideration growing conditions (terrain, soil types, weather conditions, how much sunlight etc.) and conservation goals in order for the solution to offer real savings.
  • Commitment, passion, professional approach: There are the “one guy and a truck” type of irrigation companies, the “lawn and yard hardware shops” and then there are professionals who are knowledgeable, passionate and committed to irrigation technology. A thorough reference check and an in-person meeting can tell you whether or not the approach used for your job is of an experienced irrigation and sprinkler consultant.
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