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Frequently Asked Questions about Home Sprinkler Systems


What happens during the spring start-up of my sprinkler system?

During the spring start-up, our team will turn on the water supply, check for leaks, test each zone for proper operation, adjust sprinkler heads for optimal coverage, and set the controller for efficient watering schedules. This ensures your system is fully operational and ready for the growing season.

How often should my sprinkler system be serviced?

We recommend servicing your sprinkler system at least twice a year: once in the spring for start-up and once in the fall for winterization. Preferably, add at least one mid-season check. This can help address any issues that arise, such as plants overgrowing sprinkler heads or sprinkler heads going out of adjustment. Regular maintenance keeps your system running efficiently and prevents costly repairs.

What are the benefits of installing a sprinkler system?

Installing a sprinkler system provides automated, efficient watering, saving you time and effort. It ensures your lawn and garden receive the right amount of water, promoting healthy growth. A well-maintained sprinkler system can also enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase property value.

How do I choose the right sprinkler system for my home?

Our experts will assess your lawn size, landscape features, soil type, and water pressure to recommend the best system for your needs. We customize the design to ensure optimal coverage and efficiency, using the latest technology and high-quality materials.

What is sprinkler system winterization, and why is it important?

Winterization involves draining and blowing out water from your sprinkler system to prevent freezing and bursting pipes during the winter. This process protects your system from damage and ensures it’s ready to function correctly in the spring. Our professional winterization service helps extend the life of your sprinkler system.

Can a sprinkler system help save water?

Yes, a properly designed and maintained sprinkler system can save water. It can save as much as 40%. Modern systems use weather sensors, smart controllers, and efficient sprinkler heads to optimize watering schedules based on real-time conditions. This ensures your lawn gets the right amount of water without waste.

How much does it cost to install a sprinkler system?

The installation cost varies based on factors such as property size, system complexity, and specific features. We provide detailed estimates after assessing your needs. While an upfront investment is required, a sprinkler system offers long-term benefits in convenience, water efficiency, and property value.

What should I do if I notice a problem with my sprinkler system?

If you notice issues like leaks, poor water pressure, or uneven watering, contact us immediately. Our technicians are skilled at diagnosing and fixing a wide range of problems. Prompt repairs prevent small issues from becoming major problems, ensuring your system remains efficient.

Are your services and installations covered by a warranty?

Yes, we offer warranties on our services and installations. The specific terms and duration depend on the components and services provided. We are committed to customer satisfaction and support you if any issues arise with your system.

Can I upgrade my existing sprinkler system?

Absolutely! We offer upgrade services to enhance your current sprinkler system with advanced features like smart controllers and weather sensors. Upgrading your system can improve efficiency, save water, and provide you with the latest technology for optimal lawn care.