A.A Waters & Brookes
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The A.A. Waters & Brookes Advantage

The Facts

Choose the right sprinkler and irrigation companyThe irrigation industry is non-regulated. A permit is not required to install a sprinkler system and there are no provincial guidelines. There are no licenses required for irrigation contractors or technicians. Anyone who owns a shovel can start a business installing sprinkler systems.
This leaves you vulnerable to poor quality material, workmanship and business practices.
The Advantages
You need to choose the right sprinkler and irrigation company for all the right reasons.
When you choose A.A. Waters & Brookes, you enjoy all the advantages of a full-service irrigation and sprinkler company that can take care of all your irrigation needs, including system design, professional installation and complete servicing.

The A.A. Waters & Brookes Advantage

Your System

Systems designed by Professional EngineerAll systems are designed by a Professional Engineer who is a Certified Irrigation Contractor and Certified Irrigate Designer. With over 35 years’ experience in underground engineering, we are able to design and install a sprinkler system to fit your specific application.
The Advantages
The Advantages
  • Your system is designed for uniformity of coverage, to give you a lush, healthy lawn and garden, without brown spots, using the least amount of water.
  • Your system uses the most up-to-date technology to maximize water conservation.
  • Materials will be selected from the best products available, based on a proven track record of reliability and performance, not lowest cost.
  • We service all makes of sprinkler systems.
  • Your system is installed using only top quality workmanship.

Customer Service

Helping a Customer
  • You will get a complete, plain language explanation and demonstration of the system.
  • Your calls will be answered by fulltime office staff who can answer your questions and schedule appointments.
  • Our Service Technicians operate separately from our Installation Technicians – when you need service, you don’t have to wait for an installation crew.
  • All materials and workmanship are fully guaranteed for two full years.

Training, Certification & Experience

  • In business for over 26 years, the A.A. Waters & Brookes technicians have almost 200 years combined technical experience.
  • Every team member is either a fully Certified Irrigation or Landscape Technician.
  • Staff designations include:  Certified Irrigation Contractor, Certified Irrigation Designer, Certified Irrigation Technician, Certified Landscape Technician, and Certified Backflow Tester.
  • Continuing education is provided to all staff.
  • A.A. Waters & Brookes is a Member of the Irrigation Association.