A.A Waters & Brookes
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No Hassle Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Complete sprinkler system start-up for the season by certified technicians

At A.A. Waters and Brookes we provide our customers with the opportunity to have their lawn sprinkler systems turned on in the spring and shut down in the fall by one of our experienced irrigation technicians.
Sprinkler System Spring Startup
Sprinkler System Spring Startup

Complete Inspection by Certified Technicians

  • Complete inspection for leaks or damage
  • Correct controller programming for water efficiency
  • Check all sprinkler heads working properly
In addition, the sprinkler heads are checked to be sure they are straight, and at the appropriate height so lawnmowers don’t damage them.
Our technicians also do any necessary repairs so that the system operates efficiently throughout the season. Repairs are only done after they have been authorized.

Professional and Experienced Staff

Our office staff works diligently to contact all our customers to guarantee that they receive a spring start-up appointment that best suits their busy schedules.
While the length of time required for start-up appointments varies according to the size of the property and the complexity of the irrigation system, most appointments typically do not exceed one hour. This is a brief but necessary process to guarantee the continued health of your lawn and garden.