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Peace of Mind Irrigation Maintenance

Complete sprinkler system closing service - shut down, blowout, and testing

At A.A. Waters and Brookes we provide our customers with the opportunity to have their lawn sprinkler systems turned on in the spring and shut down in the fall by one of our experienced irrigation technicians.
Sprinkler System Winterization
Sprinkler System Winterization
In the fall, our technicians use a compressor to blow out all of the water in the pipes, thereby avoiding freezing and cracking during the winter, thus minimizing repairs required in the spring. The water supply and controller are turned off and, where possible, a pressure test of the main line is done to identify any leaks. At this point, the technicians will also make any notes for repairs to be done during the spring start-up.

Professional and Experienced Staff

In the spring, systems are thoroughly checked for coverage and programmed for the appropriate amount of water required to ensure your plant material is kept healthy. Our technicians also do any necessary repairs so that the system operates efficiently throughout the season.
Our office staff works diligently to contact all of our customers to guarantee that they receive a spring start-up and winterization appointment that best suits accommodates their busy schedules.
While the length of time required for start-up and winterization appointments do vary according to the size of the property and the complexity of the irrigation system, they typically do not exceed one hour. This is a brief but necessary process to guarantee the continued health of your lawn and garden.