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Optimize Water Efficiency

Controllers and Sprinklers to Optimize Water Efficiency and Reduce Usage Costs

Most homeowners who have manually watered their lawn/gardens with a hose-and-sprinkler system would likely admit that this process is not an exact science.

There are numerous variables that can impact the effectiveness of this approach, including:

  • When to water
  • How long to water
  • How frequently to water
  • Ensuring uniform coverage
  • Optimal water pressure
In addition to the inconvenience of being tied to their property for several hours, and having to reposition the hose/sprinkler several times during that period, there can be one additional and rather significant drawback to this approach – the likelihood of unproductive/inefficient watering and a corresponding impact on water usage bills. Such concerns can be alleviated through the installation an automatic lawn sprinkler system by A.A. Waters & Brookes.
As part of their system, homeowners can select from a range of controllers and sprinkler heads; these parts work in unison to use water most efficiently, thereby saving on monthly consumption costs, while simultaneously delivering precise and uniform coverage to ensure lush lawns beautiful and gardens. Following is a summary of the various options available.


ESP-Me (Traditional Time-of-Day)

  • Programmed to water every other day from April to October
  • Delivers a fixed volume of water over a fixed amount of time


  • Includes an automatic seasonal adjustment feature
    • Reduces watering time when plants need less water (April/October)
    • Increases watering time when plants need more water (in July)
  • Cycle-and-soak feature is another important aspect
    • Running time includes a non-watering period to improve water efficiency
    • Shutdown interval allows water to soak into soil, thereby avoiding run-off
  • Estimated annual water usage savings of 20%


  • Weather-based system – optimizes plant growth and avoids over-watering
  • Water output takes into consideration types of plant life as well as soil type
  • Measures these factors to deliver the right amount of water at the right time:
    • Rainfall
    • Humidity
    • Wind speed
    • Temperature
    • Amount of sunlight/shade
    • Slope, soil type, & plant type
  • Estimated annual water usage savings can range from 30% to 60%

IQ v3.0 Central Controller (for large properties)

computer controlled
  • The ultimate in irrigation control - monitored & controlled with input from several weather stations
  • Watering times are matched to the amount of water lost by plants to the atmosphere
  • Adds water from the sprinkler system to rainfall amounts to meet plant requirements
  • Additional features include:
    • Identification/shutdown of leaks (10% water flow reduction)
    • Electrical testing and isolation of any defective components
    • Monthly reports on water usage provided to the homeowner
  • Estimated annual water usage savings of 30% to 70%

Sprinkler Heads

Rotating Heads (5000 Series)

  • Rugged devices for watering the most challenging of environments
  • Stainless steel stems for added strength and vandalism prevention
  • 24/7 monitoring features include:
    • Check Valves – prevent puddling/erosion due to elevation changes
    • Pressure Regulation – every 5 psi reduction saves 6% water usage
    • Rain Curtain Nozzles – superior wind resistance and minimal misting

Pop-Up Spray Heads (1800 Series)

  • Ideal for watering shrubs, small lawns, and irregular-shaped areas
  • Constructed from heavy-duty materials for reliability and resilience
  • Offers considerable versatility through a variety of options/features:
    • Several pop-up heights – from two to 12 inches
    • Spray distances that range from six to 15 feet
    • Dual nozzles for distance and close-in watering
  • Additional features include:
    • Flow-Shield Technology - minimizes wasted water when a head is broken
    • Check Valves - prevent puddling/erosion due to changes in elevation
    • Pressure Optimization - every 5 psi reduction saves 6% water usage
    • Triple-Blade Wiper Seal - inhibits dirt and debris from clogging stems
  • Provides uniform/even coverage - can reduce watering times by >30%
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The choice of irrigation system controllers and sprinklers can play a significant role in water efficiency and an associated reduction in your water usage costs. Call the lawn sprinkler and irrigation system specialists at A.A. Waters & Brookes today at 416-665-0052 to discuss the various options and determine the best choices for your needs and property.