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Save on Water and Utility Bills with Smart Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems

Save on Your Water Bill Manual or automatic operation of landscape water management is becoming increasingly expensive and unfriendly to the environment. Property owners have options of equipment to choose from, however, they must know the right irrigation and water management company to contact in order to make informed decisions. Sprinklers and irrigation systems available to you from A.A. Waters & Brookes employ cutting-edge technology to enhance water conservation. These water-efficient systems are designed to eliminate waste while promoting lawn and plant health by catering to the plants exact needs. The intuitive watering devices do all the thinking making it easier to maintain a healthy garden.
A.A. Waters & Brookes offers professional installation of lawn & garden sprinklers, and irrigation systems in Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas of Southern Ontario. We provide our customers with a wide range of the latest equipment to improve water conservation efforts and savings. Our new and advanced sprinkler technology has displayed savings in water consumption and cost by ranges of 23-30% for average-sized properties and up to 50% for large properties.

Advantages of Installing our Irrigation Systems

Water-efficient sprinklers

  • Pop up sprinkler heads operate at the optimum pressure to conserve water
  • Prevent low head drainage and eliminate run-offs
  • Minimize water wastage even when broken

Smart Controllers

  • Water as needed, not as scheduled
  • Water based on plant requirements and weather
  • Instantaneous rain shut-off, zone specific watering
  • Monitors rainfall, sunlight, temperature, humidity, and wind speed

Precise Rain Sensors

  • Monitoring based on actual rainfall in real time
  • Have a quick shut-off to prevent the system from coming on with the least amount of rainfall
  • Additional freeze sensor (option) to shut the system off at 3°C  to prevent water freezing on sidewalks and driveways

Advanced Rotary Spray Nozzles

  • Have low precipitation rates reducing run-off and erosion
  • High uniformity and thick wind resistance streams for efficient performance
Say goodbye to water run offs and those high utility bills.

Certified Professionals - We Design, Install and Service Your Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems

There are many cutting-edge irrigation systems available in the market today. Matching the right one to your needs, proper installation and regular maintenance will help optimize performance and your savings. A.A. Waters & Brookes ensures that your systems are installed and maintained to your satisfaction.
Save On Your Water Bill
Save On Your Water Bill

Why Choose Us?

  • We have certified professionals who design, install and service your system.
  • Our irrigation systems are designed with the latest technology for optimal efficiency and conservation of water e.g. The Rain Bird® ESP-SMT is the first and only controller from a full‑line irrigation manufacturer to earn the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense label.
  • Customer and after-installation service is a priority. A live representative will attend to your queries however if you leave a message, we will be sure to return your call promptly and provide the information you are looking for.
  • We have five service trucks to respond to your needs quickly.
  • We keep records of all installations to facilitate ongoing service.
Since 1987, A.A. Waters & Brookes has installed and serviced over 4000 lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems. Exceptional workmanship and personalized attention makes us the first choice of residential and commercial property owners in Southern Ontario.
Contact us for your free consultation to learn how our sprinklers and irrigation systems can boost water-efficiency for your landscape.