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Technological Advances

Most people know sprinkler systems as “Time of Day” based. For example, they water every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, starting at 4:00 am, for 2 hours and 12 minutes, starting in April and ending in October.

Technological Advances

Prevent Your System From Turning on in the Rain

New technology which is “weather based” tries to match the watering schedule (watering time) to the plant requirements. It monitors such things as rainfall, sunlight, plant requirements, types of soil, root depth, etc. This allows one to provide the optimum amount of water plants require, without wasting water.

With water rates increasing 8-15% a year, there can be substantial savings over the life time of the sprinkler system.

Other Products:

  • Pressure regulating heads
  • Rotary spray nozzles
  • HE nozzles – more than 20% water savings
  • SAM low head drainage
  • Wireless rain sensors – 20% water savings
  • Emitter tubing (drip systems) – up to 70% water savings where applicable